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Kitsunet now presents a Matrix-Synapse federated chat server and a Riot web client. If you want to join the chat try it out.

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Tired of crap instances joining your relays? Try this.
Kitsunet is now killing lame instances with SafetyDance.

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Reminder to all instances out there that is like a bag of chips: fri-to-(re)lay.

I wish updating masto was not a full day affair

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if you like me don’t read this 

I still feel deep down the world would have been a better place if fate had allowed me to die when I was’s not like I didn’t try.

@naia @prannon @TJ7 @foxiepaws please re-register for my relay. I had to restart it from scratch

@prannon @naia Apparently what has happened is when I was reconfiguring networking I forgot to direct the port into the right container.

I wish there was an eevee party I could join

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did art of @alynna, with a me tail and a kes tail being cute and making a heart

— Kari [Raccoon, she/her]

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