My antennae are a little droopy in that pic here's another

we're back for the season, pumpkin spice doggos

I want to make a group with all the fairy foxes

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Almost got my shit together with my Minimig MiST FPGA..

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taking one headshot, $30~ mommy needs to resub to xiv

reply if interested :3

Kitsunet is almost up to 100TB storage...

I have set up a mastodon relay but I have no idea if it is working or not.

I have the idea that I want to relay specifically furry, therian and otherkin related instances.

I may also set up therian and otherkin related instances but if I do they will probably be pleroma based so I can have a good test of the software.

@rachel well if your avatar is an example yer still good.

I can't draw to save my eternal spirit, my art is so bad my art teacher in high school told the principal of the school to exempt me from the requirement because "I could never pass" and for serious I can hardly draw a circle.

i freaking love the content sensitivity warning thing, but what I love more is 'delete and redraft' which lets me fix a post where I forgot it

@noviri is closed to new registrations, but and are both open and relatively new! Though, any of the instances connected to is bound to be fine!

Who's your daddy Papa Murphy's or Papa John?

Sooo big question. Pleroma vs Glitch Social. Opinions? Advantages and disadvantages to either? Is it worth me restarting my whole instance to switch to Pleroma? Any good transition tools?

I don't have any issue with Glitch Social so far, except the extremely spotty and sometimes non-existent documentation there is for things. Some have been extolling the virtues of Pleroma, like the fact that I could run a thousand instances of it on my hardware.

But mostly, I want to know if its worth switching to...

I do more adding of friends here than I ever have on twitter. Weird.

Pawoo is not reading all the information it should be from /api/v1/instance, in particular it is not reading max_toot_chars and it is not reading the emoji's field to get my site specific emojis

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