Would you like to hear the good news about the Second Coming .. of Amiga?

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@alynna @colonthree As a committed Amiga user I am still up to my eats in the 'first coming' xD I love the wallpaper too, btw

@alynna @colonthree Alright, committed is probably a bit strong given I rarely turn the buggers on, but still.

@alynna Yes. Yes I would. Though I have a feeling it's just the continuing story of the awesome.

(Mind you, mine is doing the 3.1.4 dance, and I don't really care about the whole who owns the IP thing, I just love the whole system itself.)

Though I am a bit peeved at the state of internet things like telnet and so on, but I guess it's up to me to fix this.
And I need to get my MorphOS machine into daily use. Like, for Brutaldon.

But yes, you were saying? (:

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