The worlds fastest 68k Mac ... isn't a Mac.
Shapeshifter, Amiga 1000 68080@85mhz 128MB RAM, Picasso96 RTG

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@alynna Wait, did you stick a Vampire in an A1000 case?

I recall when someone brought a Vampire to Solskogen in Norway, and we were doing things like this, and people were freaking out "wait, WHAT?"

I need a Vampire, I think.

@Truck Not only did I do that, I paired it with a 500GB HD. I have all of Aminet on a single partition.

@alynna Very nice. I shall be getting my A1000's at some point, and will seriously consider doing that.

Are you mirroring aminet daily? And by chance, do any of the mirrors support rsync? (:

(I could find out by testing, but perhaps you know?)

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