i'm pretty sure 90% of the accounts that have signed up on this instance are spammers i've had to suspend. And everyone else signed up but doesn't post.

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@alynna I do post occasionally from my account, its a pretty specialised account that i use as a personal vent space where less people are following me and i feel safer

@foxiepaws well I'm glad someone does something here. tbh it was speaking with you today that made me realize that it is most likely that noone gives a shit about this instance but spammers

@alynna we only have a couple of people that actually use either.

we think such a big problem is just... people are weird about instance choices, I we guess we're not loud or popular enough on the rest of the fediverse for people to consider using our stuff...

we're hoping that will change but mew.

@foxiepaws @alynna The issue is that the current model encourages us to register on many instances... but because we naturally want everything in one place, most will end up only being active on one.

My suggested solution was to allow accounts belonging to the same person to sync data with each other. So whenever you post on any, the activity is mirrored to every other. You could then use either one without noticing any difference.

@alynna In my case it's because I only use this account on even if I'm registered on a dozen other instances. That's an issue with #Mastodon right now: You can register on any server, but how do you divide yourself between them and decide which to use for what? Hopefully there will be realtime account syncing someday.

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