if my relay disappeared would anyone give a damn

@alynna Ohhhh I thought you meant

if you disappeared

idk about your relay...

@Elizafox thats ok, I appreciate that anyone responded to anything. Though the sentiment about missing me if I left, is appreciated too.

@alynna I don't run a topically related instance so I havent subscribed to it. I'm sorry about that.

@kaniini oh thats alright, no instances that generate the content I wanted to relay, signed up anyway. Instead I had to ban problematic instances from it.

@alynna Waaaait a minute, you're on the fediverse? And you have an instance and a relay?

I've been looking for more relays to subscribe to! And it's cool to see you here!

@Frinkeldoodle I have talked about my instance several times on vulpine-designs and even invited people to sign up. But I am not sure anyone there even realizes what this is, except for you apparently

@alynna Ahh... I need to do a better job of following all the news and things on Vulpine Designs, admittedly, and hopefully we can get more people to figure out how good the fediverse is! ^^

@alynna I would be sad, even if I'm not actively using the Kitsunet instance right now.

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