tbh theres a lot of cute girls that roll past my feed, but i'm 42 and i'm relatively sure anyone i'd want to get close to are from another generation

@alynna Hah! I'm 42 as well but I'm not cute. So uhh, not helpin' you out there. X3

@HypnoFox what you talking about all vixens are cute. It comes with being one.

@HypnoFox still i'm stunned that there is anyone on here that is my age

@HypnoFox lol I know gen X furries exist, my first furry con was in 1997, I'm more surprised about.. on the fediverse.

@alynna Well ohh. I think mine was around then. ConFurence... umm 4 or something?

Anyway the tooterverse works well enough.

@alynna Mmm, 8 sounds about right. I definitely made 9 and 10. So considering the size of those I probably saw you there, if only in passing. :3

@HypnoFox meeting up would have been cool but I would have been 21 at the time.

@HypnoFox yea i suppose it wouldn't have mattered. <3 So if you're not cute, What are you? And don't say ugly, i've already seen yer icon

@alynna I'm too masculine. uwu I mean my personal furry's... mm, not cute exactly but languid? Casual? Pretty? I mean... she's a fox. >///>

@alynna (it feels weird as heckies talking about myself in third person like that)

@HypnoFox i'd say pretty. I don't really have a personal furry because i'm one of those otherkin types that identifies as, well, myself. Such is a better representation of me than anything this body will ever be.

@alynna Yeah I suppose I would be otherkin if I weren't so gunshy about the term. X3 I personally ID a lot as my furry self.

And aw you're pretty and colorful and cute. :D

@HypnoFox I can't blame anyone for their hesitation to identify as otherkin these days. The meaning of the term has been muddied so far now it basically means anything anyone wants it too, no matter how problematic

@alynna Mm it's not a problem of external association, so much as it doesn't *feel* quite right. Like, I wish to be very strongly, but I don't think I _am_ in an actual sense. Thinking of it on a spiritual level muddies that a bit... I just dunno. X3

@HypnoFox Well, if you feel kind of weird talking about your 'furry' in the third person, there might be a reason why. But its fine yours to own or not, and both paths are valid, especially these days

@alynna Yeah I suppose I just haven't given it much thought besides "I identify very strongly with (fursona) to the point of changing my real name to match."

And I haven't explored what kin meant very deeply either, so didn't want to appropriate an ID.

Oop g'night!

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