late night tea: it would be really cool if people would stop thinking they can get shit out of eugen by being an absolute, incredible asshole to him 24/7

like we'd probably have rich text right now if he didn't feel like doing the right thing in previous situations where people have acted like this has emboldened people to think that its acceptable to treat Eugen and Mastodon like they've been doing.

and like. i cant fucking blame him. as someone who REALLY wants rich text i absolutely see why he doesn't want to budge on this. #mastodev

@anna tbh it sure would be easy to fork mastodon, add rich text (its just a text parser ffs), and then publish the patches independently for anyone to apply to theirs... It would take about as much energy... as bitching about it

@alynna part of the reason this is so contentious i think is what is the point of rich text if a bunch of instances cant see it unless they do a specific thing

and yet like, thats also what im focusing on here? i applied thib's patch and when i stop being a depresso playing too much ffxiv i plan on adding poasting ability as well and seeing about providing instructions for others

@anna wait theres already a patch for rich text? Link?

@alynna its the one in that PR everyone is fighting over can just like, apply that branch to your own


@anna Hmm.
Since I am using glitchsoc, i may already have it, it seems. I wonder how to test it...
is this in bold?

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@alynna yup! and yeah glitchsoc added it a bit ago. i dont want to run glitchsoc so its been on my to do to figure out how to patch it in to Regular

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