Tired of crap instances joining your relays? Try this.
Kitsunet is now killing lame instances with SafetyDance.

@alynna hey, what's the difference between static and dynamic blocks?

@aussocialadmin Static blocks, you fill them in (its a file of instance you specifically want to block), dynamic blocks are made to be downloaded. In the future I hope to have more block lists that will be downloaded and appended to block.dynamic to generate even more comprehensive block lists.

@aussocialadmin part of the list is my static list from my own recommendations and also ones from, and the other comes from the "blockchain" block advisory board.

The main reason for making the script as it is, is so that we can form some more lists that instances will automatically update to (mine does once a day).

If we get enough sources then eventually the relays will be pretty clean of toxic content (it will never be totally clean as long as there are toxic people, but we have a hope of staying ahead of it)

I don't think there's any standard format for these blocklists, but as long as a format can be reformatted to 1 instance per line in quotes, it will work.

@alynna I think I'll need to port the same style to the other other relay

The instance/relay admins really need to work together on this kind of thing for something formal.

@aussocialadmin well one of the reasons I went with "one instance per line in quotes" is its easy, even with a shell script, to get the list into any other format that might be required.

I don't have any current system to "tag" why an instance is being blocked, but this is mostly because I have no idea what the tags would be called, but if I did, we could just have a second field making the format:

"" "tags,tags,tags"

And then you could just grep in (or out) what tags you wanted to exempt or include, and use cut -d' ' -f1 to get the instance name.

The previous post is an example of why we needed rich text posting.

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