Believe it or not (gab), but I actually created this instance for therians and otherkin to be able to talk about our topics and lifepath, not to "fight white devils". If fighting white devils becomes part of the job description, it says more about them than about this instance..

Why fight? If you don't agree with someone else's option just block em and be done.

People need to stop thinking of gab as a platform and think of it as a race. Not every gabber is bad just the ones spamming hate speech. But what noone sees is the good people. Also the bandwagon mentally is getting really really old

@Stoned2TheBone to them, blocking IS fighting. As far as they are concerned, they have a god given right to be on your feed.

Idk then. Everyone else seems to have a bad experience with them. There was only one person i had to block and it was the end of it.

I think maybe just maybe they might be a little upset about being cancelled from the rest of the fediverse.

Attached are 3 pics of gab people being nice. I could probably find more.

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