I was in a telegram chat where people were bitching about Twitter and it's policies.

Mind you this was a furry chat.

Someone in the chat recommended they leave Twitter and switch to... Gab.

When I tried to explain what Gab was they gave this definition:

"gab is simply an open source, uncensored alternative to twitter. those crying about the majority of its current users are only attempting to commit the logical fallacy of Guilt by Association."

Basically defining gab as the Fediverse.

If this is what the general public thinks the Fediverse is, I think we've lost.


@alynna Gotta love how people like to take whatever they fear or dislike, then present that as the absolute representation of everything around them. One of the many reasons why humanity is likely going to burn itself to the ground, and I definitely ain't going to miss it.

@alynna As far as #Gab itself goes, I don't personally care since it's just a platform... to be fair its team is doing a rather okay job with their fork so far. If I take issue with anyone, it's with some of the individuals who abuse their freedom to do stupid stuff.

@alynna This is the common tactic among the right wingers. Co-opt our social movements and move them away from their central beliefs.
@buoyantair @alynna

decentralization is a grey tribe movement thanks and you're welcome
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