Thank you #Blizzard for bringing the USA the first genuine period of unity and bipartisanship since 9/11. It take true balls to fuck up so bad you bring both #Democrats and #Republicans to the same table to denounce you. #BoycottBlizard

@honku I wonder how the Debian folks feel about their fallen hewo

@honku It must be a high vibe in the interwebs. Stallman doesn't know he was cancewwed.

thewe weawwy is a linux, and these peopwe awe using it, but it is just a pawt of the system they use. Linux is the kewnew: the pwogwam in the system that awwocates the machines wesouwces to the othew pwogwams that you wun. The kewnew is an essentiaw pawt of an opewating system, but usewess by itsewf; it can onwy function in the context of a compwete opewating system. Linux is nowmawwy used in combination with the gnu opewating system: the whowe system is basicawwy gnu with linux added, ow gnu/linux. Aww the so-cawwed linux distwibutions awe weawwy distwibutions of gnu/linux.

Id just wike to intewject fow a moment. What youwe wefewing to as linux, is in fact, gnu/linux, ow as ive wecentwy taken to cawwing it, gnu pwus linux. Linux is not an opewating system unto itsewf, but wathew anothew fwee component of a fuwwy functioning gnu system made usefuw by the gnu cowewibs, sheww utiwities and vitaw system components compwising a fuww os as defined by posix.

many computew usews wun a modified vewsion of the gnu system evewy day, without weawizing it. Thwough a pecuwiaw tuwn of events, the vewsion of gnu which is widewy used today is often cawwed linux, and many of its usews awe not awawe that it is basicawwy the gnu system, devewoped by the gnu pwoject.

When around gay folks, I say I am gay, when around straights, I say I am bi, and having thought about, it says alot about the judgements I fear the most...

I heard the position of Free Software Zealot is open, how do I apply?

Why is Richard Stallman still speaking? Doesn't he know he's been cancelled?

This just in: millennials to blame for everything, news at 11

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