I will take a minimum of 250 and decide on a limit later.

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@naia @prannon @TJ7 @foxiepaws please re-register for my relay. I had to restart it from scratch

@werecupine its supposed to be and I tested outside connection...

@prannon @naia Apparently what has happened is when I was reconfiguring networking I forgot to direct the port into the right container.

I wish there was an eevee party I could join

@EeveeEuphoria if i'm a sylvie does that still count as an eevee?

Alynna :sylveon: :vf: boosted

did art of @alynna, with a me tail and a kes tail being cute and making a heart

— Kari [Raccoon, she/her]

Plagues, calls to sacrifice the weak to save the economy, mass layoffs, and a president that suggests shooting up disinfectant to cure Coronavirus, all signs indicate we're living in the End Times

@kaniini I thought he was the product owner, where I work the PO and scrum master are 2 different people

I am so bored at this point I spent part of the day just reading IANA's well known ports list..

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