I finally made kitsuhana.org/ something other than a blank page. It explains the history of it and why we are now a collection of chat rooms now.

Kitsunet does its tests in production and likes it

So, how bout them boy scouts? Why am I not surprised that an organization that prohibited gay participation for so long also harbors "thousands of abusers"?

I hate the whole "Place abroad (was attacked/suffered a disaster), $n Americans were (killed/injured)" thing that seems to be a part of every news report regarding attacks and disasters. What, are we incapable of empathizing with them unless other Americans are involved?

@violet @KitsuneAlicia That is what is commonly known as military intelligence

@KitsuneAlicia Using deadnames in an argument or a debate is effectively the same as saying "You are trans therefore your argument is invalid." They are trying to signal to the audience that this person has changed their gender to sway the argument.

So I propose this new law: The moment one uses a deadname in an argument, they have conceded the argument.

Hey everyone if someone is doing an easter themed art stream or just doing art today i'd like to have a picture of me as foxbunny laying easter eggs. I have money and a ref as shown below

i'm starting to fall asleep is time for bed for me, i'm glad I got to talk to people here tonight. If there was a way to set someone from followed to friended, i'd do that to @HypnoFox

@HypnoFox Well, if you feel kind of weird talking about your 'furry' in the third person, there might be a reason why. But its fine yours to own or not, and both paths are valid, especially these days

Now I want this to be known as the cutest instance

@HypnoFox I can't blame anyone for their hesitation to identify as otherkin these days. The meaning of the term has been muddied so far now it basically means anything anyone wants it too, no matter how problematic

Maybe I shoud have posted the witchy one too. I lean mostly pagan these daya.

@HypnoFox i'd say pretty. I don't really have a personal furry because i'm one of those otherkin types that identifies as, well, myself. Such is a better representation of me than anything this body will ever be.

@HypnoFox yea i suppose it wouldn't have mattered. <3 So if you're not cute, What are you? And don't say ugly, i've already seen yer icon

@HypnoFox meeting up would have been cool but I would have been 21 at the time.

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