I wish updating masto was not a full day affair

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if you like me don’t read this 

I still feel deep down the world would have been a better place if fate had allowed me to die when I was alone...it’s not like I didn’t try.

@entitywolf wow, umm hi :) I should invite you to my discord?

@violet I have the tendency to forget i'm running this thing for a month at a time ...

I will take a minimum of 250 and decide on a limit later.

re: long, fedi meta 

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What would go a long way in the fediverse, would be federated black/whitelists so that people with a consensus of what they want to see could subscribe to the lists that reflect their preferences.

There is also the thing about instances becoming so big they realize that other people need them and not the other way around, so they end up making their instances a walled garden and not relaying. We know the ones i'm talking about, no need for a callout.

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