My town affords certain rights to those of the transgendered persuasion

@hierarchon it has no solution because cookie is never defined and could be zero, which would cause hamburger to also be undefined.

Here's hoping Trump and Pence get to enjoy a nice mexican beer if you know what I mean #corona4trump

my 4 SSD ZFS had.. controller issues. So far I have found exactly 1 controller that works. And its a PCIe1x. So 2GB of potential bandwidth is being squeezed down to 500MB/s..

I mean its still fact, but it drives me batty in the back of my mind.

I ordered a controller that is (allegedly) a true pcie 4x card.

If it drops right in without giving me a whole bunch of bullshit, then :yay: yay.

If not this pcie1x is going right back in because its certified compatible and working good.

We are back.
BTRFS sucks. Even on a container backing store.
I switched to 4 SSDs in RAIDz1 (ZFS) for my container backing store.
Which explains why this one is back.

I'm feeling so dysphoric today I think its whats woke me up at 4 in the morning...

I'm not just a girl, I'm also a vixen

As a trans woman I have a burning question about undershirts. Why? Is it just cause they are comfortable or is it because we actually need an extra layer of protection from men trying to cop a feel?

@lyrabon The BSD kernel OSX uses is notorieously AMD hostile. More likely to get it to work on an Intel, any of them

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