@em "Claims study done entirely by men" fixed it for them

@Truck Not only did I do that, I paired it with a 500GB HD. I have all of Aminet on a single partition.

@kaniini $600? Thats a bargain. Of course I run a small datacenter in my basement..

@lynnesbian A better question is, why not 13 months * 28 days (364) with a year day and a leap day every 4 years? then we could line up the lunar cycle and the days of the week and the days of the month would be aligned too.

as for time, why not metric time? 1000 minutes in a day (and 20 "hours" at every 50 minutes)?

The worlds fastest 68k Mac ... isn't a Mac.
Shapeshifter, Amiga 1000 68080@85mhz 128MB RAM, Picasso96 RTG

Would you like to hear the good news about the Second Coming .. of Amiga?

@lynnesbian John C Dvorak was a hack writing for a rag even back in my day. Also would you like to join my Amiga cult?

@yam655 @lynnesbian
DOS is actually the CP/M clone. Today's Windows has its roots not in DOS/CPM but in DEC VAX/VMS.

who would go crazy or blacklist kitsunet.net if I switched to Pleroma?

I wonder if the last 5 joins to kitsunet are bots or not ..

@lynnesbian Allow me to interject for a moment. The post that you have just made is not a shitpost, but GNU/shitpost, or GNU plus shitpost as I have taken to calling it ...

@KitsuneAlicia When Stallman finally dies, I hope they at least connect his brain directly to the Fediverse...

TOTD: We cannot presume that Leninist communism has anything in common with what real socialism would be.

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