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I see Bethesda is well on its way to becoming a prime candidate to become a wholly owned subsidiary of EA..

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So just an fyi to everyone (but mostly spammers) joining the instance. Everyone who joins this instance autofollows me, which notifies me of their joining. I do check profiles. If your profile advertises a site that is obviously a spam/scam site (like say, or your profile intro immediately points someone to an obviously spam/scam oriented site... yer most likely gonna get suspended. Same goes for profiles that point at, or propagate, hateful content.

I'm feeling invalid, not because i'm trans or even because i'm a fox, but because i'm bisexual and everyone, gay or straight, hates us..
Oh and also because i'm old (42) and people assume i'm going to be a bigot or capitalist because i'm generation X..
But at least in the fediverse people aren't asking what i'm even doing here at my age like they do on Tumblr...

I wish i was part of a large group of vixens that loved and cuddled on eachother and pawed through eachothers tailfur and stuff..

btw thank you @noiob for helping me change toots to yerfs over here <3

also the relay seems to be entirely offline (can't connect at all)

@noiob also: Make sure to talk to the vulpix at the GO park :)

Do I have to switch to Pleroma to customize what my 'toots' are called or is there a mastodon equivalient option?

Invest in my blockchain soda. Every sip has a taste of the last person to take a sip, all the way back to the first person to ever drink it. But it IS a blockchain, so taking a sip means you get rich, right?

I want to change "toot" to something else. I'd like to change it to "yerf" or "yip" or "kon" or some other fox onomatopoeia..

My Tumblr hasn't been deleted yet, does that mean i'm a good person? I mean seriously I wonder why mine hasn't been deleted, people call me out on it on a semi-regular basis.

I actually wouldn't give a shit if my tumblr was deleted, noone cares about me there anyway. And yet my tumblr is still there...

To me, Docker has a purpose for corporations that need to deploy an application and undeploy it progmatically. Its great for stuff like Kubernetes. But this tendency to move to using a pre-installed docklet with an application makes it effectively a black box to the user, as all they know about the docklet is what its supposed to do, and nothing about how it gets done. Its going to lead to sysadmins that don't know what to do when their docklet goes horribly wrong. Or when it gets compromised and is sending spam in the server's name..

I don't think Docker is evil in its own right but this tendency to 'dockerize' everything is leading to a day of black box linux instances and a total lack of knowledge of what one is running on their systems. I've already seen things like the mastodon relay which basically has no documentation, just "run this docker instance"..

I'd like to interject for a moment. What you are calling Fallout76 is actually GNU/Fallout76, or GNU plus Fallout76 as I like to call it ...

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