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i'll continue posting from since this server will be down for a bit.

will be bringing Kitsunet down for a few hours for memory tests. Will be back then.

I don't understand why some instances have membership fees / subscription fees / paid features or pay for followers schemes. This isn't that expensive to run, really. Maybe there's going to be some significant expense when you have 1000 active users or so, but not so much that one should ask for more than donations. Maybe i'll feel differently if i ever have enough users to matter.. but right now both my relay and mastodon itself is basically a background container on my main infrastructure server..

My instance is backed by 24 cores of processing goodness, 84gb of RAM and a raidz2 ZFS filesystem.

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So Kitsunet is back up thanks for your patience. Had to replace the motherboard and power supply. Upgraded to 84GB RAM while I was at it. The old motherboard stopped POSTing, period. The old power supply also seem to lost most of its 12V current. Maybe a power surge.

i'm finding myself posting alot of additional forms of myself lately. Usually I find myself posting it in response to someone mentioning something about the species and I feel the need to represent .. 歹

Some of these forms aren't kin types, but different forms of my main kin type. I'm a bit of a shapeshifter, but you can usually see my main kintype in these other forms..

Just in case anyone has questions about dragon in the last post

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I like guys and girls and everything in between, and I am proud of that fact.

I've found my attraction to people seems to be less about what gender they are and more about what species or kintype they are and how much they represent it..

Posting this again x2 to add the tag, I just saw that this was a thing.

I will pay good money to be drawn like this:

A fox moth with a fox head and a moth body, only with fur and fox colors, and rainbowy wings. On a flower of the artists choice, sucking nectar from it with a long tongue.

I prefer a side view so that the thorax and abdomen can be seen, and bonus if I can be laying an egg or two on the stem of the flower.

Picsture below is the inspiration for this idea,

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