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but truly the only one vested in this kitsunet instance is me

might switch to pleroma, I mean who would notice. the real thing stopping me at this point is losing all of my follows and yerfs (toots but on my instance)

tbh Kitsunet as a personal alternative platform to tumblr has been a success for myself, but as an instance I hoped people would want to be on, its a failure.

So there seems to be this meme where people like a toot and then the person subtoots what they think of them. I can't see myself doing this, noone cares what i say or think and I don't expect people to start now..

@rachel gave me a bunch of problematic domains to blacklist. Hopefully that will make the relays content more wholesome.

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just checking due to what today is, am I visible? Can you see this?

tom nook is unfairly shamed. i would fucking love to buy a house with zero interest and no loan plan if capitalism is yet to be overthrown, and it's clear that nook is only charging for the materials of the house, all while never forcing you to pay it off. if anything, he's guilty of being too eager to help. in this essay i will

the last day and a half of downtime has been brought to you La Bomba Cyclone Ulmer.

Trump so stupid, his laptop is branded VTech

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The worlds fastest 68k Mac ... isn't a Mac.
Shapeshifter, Amiga 1000 68080@85mhz 128MB RAM, Picasso96 RTG

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