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So, how bout them boy scouts? Why am I not surprised that an organization that prohibited gay participation for so long also harbors "thousands of abusers"?

I hate the whole "Place abroad (was attacked/suffered a disaster), $n Americans were (killed/injured)" thing that seems to be a part of every news report regarding attacks and disasters. What, are we incapable of empathizing with them unless other Americans are involved?

Hey everyone if someone is doing an easter themed art stream or just doing art today i'd like to have a picture of me as foxbunny laying easter eggs. I have money and a ref as shown below

i'm starting to fall asleep is time for bed for me, i'm glad I got to talk to people here tonight. If there was a way to set someone from followed to friended, i'd do that to @HypnoFox

Maybe I shoud have posted the witchy one too. I lean mostly pagan these daya.

@HypnoFox in any case i'm glad you're out there 🦊

tbh theres a lot of cute girls that roll past my feed, but i'm 42 and i'm relatively sure anyone i'd want to get close to are from another generation

But now a Bad Guy comes and takes away the wall. Now, which ever one you choose doesn't matter. Both trains become physical, and one train drives safely down its track while the other, runs into the 5 people.

Since I saw a toot about the trolley problem .. The Spectre bug as a trolley problem:

You have a trolley. This trolley is going to split into 2 ghost trolleys. One will go over tracks that will hit noone. The other will go over tracks that include a brick wall, and behind that brick wall, 5 people. However, the train is a ghost train. It will go through the wall, hitting the 5 people and proceeding on that track, but because it is a ghost train, they won't be harmed. You can choose whether the train hits the wall or nothing at all, however you cannot choose until the ghost trains are already down both tracks. If you choose one, the ghost train on the safe track becomes physical and the one on the walled track with the people, disappears. If you choose the other, the train on the other track becomes physical, and crashes into the wall when it becomes physical because thats what would have happened if it started that way. The 5 people are still safe. The train on the safe track, disappears.

if my relay disappeared would anyone give a damn

i'm pretty sure 90% of the accounts that have signed up on this instance are spammers i've had to suspend. And everyone else signed up but doesn't post.

but truly the only one vested in this kitsunet instance is me

might switch to pleroma, I mean who would notice. the real thing stopping me at this point is losing all of my follows and yerfs (toots but on my instance)

tbh Kitsunet as a personal alternative platform to tumblr has been a success for myself, but as an instance I hoped people would want to be on, its a failure.

So there seems to be this meme where people like a toot and then the person subtoots what they think of them. I can't see myself doing this, noone cares what i say or think and I don't expect people to start now..

@rachel gave me a bunch of problematic domains to blacklist. Hopefully that will make the relays content more wholesome.

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