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@Gargron Regarding this whole debate regarding rich text in posts, I would like to inform you about an ancient miracle process called an RFC. It is a process where you call on the community to submit comments regarding a protocol you want to implement in order to define a common set of interchangeability standards. These standards get placed into a document which tells implementers of the protocol what is required to implement it, and what is preferred and optional. It was helpful to formalize standards around a few protocols you may have heard about, such as Internet Protocol, and the Hypertext Transfer Protocol. @kaniini

i think I need some kind of hashtag for these..

Feel free to use these shitposts as licensed under the Creative Commons

For when Sonic Team can't get it right, which is every time

I wish the Atomic Pi would be more available. Same price as a pi and its a full x86/ But by the time i'm done sending in my order information its gone.

Every time I dare try a distro other than Ubuntu or CentOS, I end up with lost days and deep disappointments

hot take: if I can't do $PACKAGE_MANAGER install $ZFS_PACKAGE and get a working ZFS, then your distro sucks. My yesterday now belongs to MX Linux, which wasted it entirely. Reverted that box back to Ubuntu, say what you want about it, but it works

I finally made something other than a blank page. It explains the history of it and why we are now a collection of chat rooms now.

Kitsunet does its tests in production and likes it

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