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My raspberry pi 4 has come with a non-functional USB port :(

@kaniini @Gargron I think the greatest thing about all this Gab crap is seeing the both of you being on the same page about something

And for comparison, the Radio Shack "5 Megabyte Disk System". Yes this is a hard drive. Yes it was made in the 70s. It retailed for $4000 70's dollars. It was about the same size but a little shorter than a desktop MicroATX PC. The write protect is the KEY on the right. It was about the same size of 4 of those ST506's previously posted set 2x2 on the desk.

The ST506 80MB MFM hard drive. For comparison, the black circle in the center could fit a 256GB microSD card within its bounds, a medium that stores 3000x more data than the drive under it.

Instead of reassignment centers for teachers, why can't we have reassignment centers for trans folks? I'd love to be able to walk into a "reassignment center" and say, i'd like to get reassigned, pay a small deductible, and be on an operating table the same day...

I am not that thrilled about the micro-hdmi on the Raspberry Pi 4, but I am impressed with everything else. I forsee that I will never buy ones that aren't 4gb though.. #raspberrypi4

the idea of having the pleroma relay serve a "blacklist.txt" file from its root which lists all the instances the relay is blacklisting, so that the other relays can add those lists to their own, is intriguing

Adding the pleroma relay has sure given me more to look at...

I'm going to connect kitsunet to the relay, lets see how well this goes down.

I believe this will bring alot more content into kitsunet, but it might be at a cost..

For anyone using SafetyDance (or practically any other instance blocker), a link to my block.static:

If you want to use this, just add
curl -s >> block.dynamic
to your mkblocklist script.
Adaptations may be needed for other systems.

Tired of crap instances joining your relays? Try this.
Kitsunet is now killing lame instances with SafetyDance.

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