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maybe i should post an anthro sylveon pic but i'm naked iin all of them...

I dont know what pictures best represent me as sylveon so I posted these ones because they wouldn't have to be marked sensitive..

i'm a sylveon and I want to be part of an eevee party

Today's word of the day is: mycelium.

tbh i'm actually far more concerned about the kiwifarms instances than the gab ones. They're both kind of related content wise, but gab is more of a "guy at the mall with a gun" and KF is more like an "active shooter at a mall"

Believe it or not (gab), but I actually created this instance for therians and otherkin to be able to talk about our topics and lifepath, not to "fight white devils". If fighting white devils becomes part of the job description, it says more about them than about this instance..

I reposted the last post just cause I forgot to mention by fediverse address...

i have to admit i sometimes get a little jelly seeing all the lesbian relationships i see on here but then I remember I am with @rachel and I feel better. I mean having a fae fox gf is pretty unique cause we're so rare. I've maybe met like 5-6 others in my life.

Still though if anyone else showed interest i'd probably be inclined to respond and see where it went.. I s'pose i'm not looking but i'm also not closed either..

I'm just glad @rachel is around and I can be close to her. And do fae fox things with her.. I think i'd be alot less happy on the fediverse otherwise.

I have to admit theres some terminology I don't like on masto/glitch, particularly the term "suspend". When I "suspend" a user or domain, i'm really "banning" them. Suspend insinuates that their ban is temporary, and that their content is permitted to continue to exist on the instance.

I think that for the fediverse to thrive, we're going to need support for dynamic blocklist loading on as many platforms as we can make it on.

My observation is not only is gab racist as fuck, but they really don't have any sense of fediverse etiquette with posts that ping 20-30 people

well I just banned gab from not just the relay but the entire instance now. Definitely as much scumbags as reported. At least I got my achievement first.

This morning I woke up to finding out that considers me a "white devil fighter".

I think I can live with that. Achievement unlocked.

I hope in Frozen 2, Anna gets Fire powers. Then Frozen 3-10 can just be the Disney adaptation of Game of Thrones

When Nazis cry out for a platform through the process of "fair and honest debate of ideas", remind them they already lost and that 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of their loss.

Actually engaging a debate or discussion about it provides them a platform and imparts a sense of legitimacy, as if it was worth a discussion or debate, or had any debatable merits at all.

The only proper response is, "Begone, or we shall kick your ass a second time."

Twitter is like a vuvuzela, loud, annoying and anyone in civilized society wants to ban it

If you sign up to because Twitter is down, read the TOS and post foxes

gab needs to be rejected wholesale in this community though, particularly in the relays, where I would recommend a community coordinated blocklist...

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