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When around gay folks, I say I am gay, when around straights, I say I am bi, and having thought about, it says alot about the judgements I fear the most...

Why is Richard Stallman still speaking? Doesn't he know he's been cancelled?

Kitsunet now presents a Matrix-Synapse federated chat server and a Riot web client. If you want to join the chat try it out.

I'd like to interject for a moment. What you are calling "Untitled Goose Game" is actually "Asshole Simulator 2019" or "Goose plus Asshole Simulator 2019" as I have taken to calling it...

if my gender is not determined until I am perceived does that mean i'm Schrodingender?

I hear RMS has stepped down to recuse his role in the ancient classic "Toejam and Earl"

With Richard Stallman resigning, who's gonna eat my toenails now?

I'm the girliest girl since girls came to girltown

Kitsunet has been brought to you by a grant from the Myself foundation.

I wonder if I should institute a policy where anyone with no profile, no icon, and no yerfs sent after 2 weeks gets suspended.

I think these accounts might be spam accounts but they havent sent any yerfs yet

I don't know if I've said this already on here but i've started HRT. #hrt #trans

7-zip is superior in every way to winzip and winrar, and its free.
And yet, I still see these shit programs on people's machines...

so is a bad actor? Clicked on a follower from there and it stalls forever #badactor #fediverse #blocklist

Nintendo give us Toriel and Dio Brando for Smash

@naia I feel I may be crashing just by accessing it ...

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