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You know what I want? Open World Animal Crossing. In fact, Animal Crossing and Minecraft BEG to be married in concept and example.

That FF7 trailer sure makes me glad I got a PS4 Pro and not an Xbox...

WHY is there a delay on 2.8 from me hitting the "yerf" button and seeing my post, of about 15 seconds? Can I get the immediate seeing of my post back?

There seems to a notable performance difference between masto 2.6 and 2.8 for the worse, but at least the site logo is in the corner now and we have polls..

ok glitch have you stopped tripping balls yet test test test

ok theres just more of a delay than there used to be.

Ok when I used to type a post then send it it would immediately end up in my home column. Now.. it seems to not appear until I refresh...

Well I have upgraded us to 2.8.4+glitch. Right now ... there is a Pleroma instance but getting the basic data from glitch to it, is currently a dream. But it does work:

tbh on my hardware, switching to Pleroma would easily support 1 million users on this instance..

I'm seriously considering switching to Pleroma no matter what anyone thinks, because its simply the better technology. I'm missing out on stuff like markup and polls, and I think my biggest issues with a switch now would be losing all the content i've already posted..

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I for one love those two new pokemon, Lycansword and Undodog

I don't need a pride flag avatar, as I am made of rainbow all year.

This couldn't possibly offend anyone, could it? Lets find out if I needed the CW option

I'd like to interject for a moment. What you have been calling an A press, is actually a half A press, or GNU plus a half A press as i've taken to calling it..

I heard on birbsiet that it was pansexual/panromantic day. If thats the case, i'd like to know if I am visible.

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