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Some things I would like to say about this instance right away.

  • This instance is themed for furries, therians and otherkin. Anyone may join but if the aforementioned topics ill interest you, then another instance may be for you.
  • Furry, Therian and Otherkin art may be freely posted as long as it falls inside the rules of interaction.
  • Please read the rules, failure to follow the rules of interaction may get you, or your instance, banned.
  • I do not intend to close this instance to new members in the short or long term. I hope to support thousands of users.
  • I do not intend to become a whitelist based instance but if things go south I may.
  • I am interested in federating with other furry, therian and otherkin instances.

The rules of interaction

Infracting any of these rules will tend to get you and/or your instance banned quickly.

  1. Nazis and alt-righters need not apply.
  2. Members of hate sites like ED or KF also need not apply.
  3. People under 18 should apply when they become 18. Anyone found under 18 will be blocked from the instance.
  4. This is not a place that will tolerate hate speech, or hate on other members.
  5. Exposure of private or personal information of other members.
  6. Photos or real-life pictures of underage persons engaging in inappropriate or sexual acts.

The following is highly discouraged and may get you warned, and enough warnings may lead to being blocked from the instance

  1. Disrespecting of a members given pronouns, particularly if listed in their profile.
  2. Disrespecting of members sexual orientation or gender status.
  3. Kinkshaming in general